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Asset Information
Asset Name
Total Supply
Divisible Locked
Owner / Issuer
Market Information
Marketcap $0.00 0.00000000 BTC
BTC Price $0.00 0.00000000 BTC
BTC Floor $0.00 0.00000000 BTC
XCP Price $0.00 0.00000000 XCP
XCP Floor $0.00 0.00000000 XCP
No additional information is available at this time
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# Block Time Destination Dispensed BTC Paid
# Block Time Source Dispensing Cost
# Block Time Source Asset Dividend Asset Quantity Per Unit
# Percentage Quantity Estimated Value Address  
# Block Time Asset Quantity Lock Reset Transfer Fee
# Market Last Price Ask Bid 24h Volume 24h Change
# Block Time Market Buying Selling
# Block Time Asset Quantity Destination
# Asset Asset Description Total Supply Divisible Locked  
# Time Type Source Details